Hunter Imaging's latest investment in Technology - Siemen's MAGNATOM Sola

Tuesday, 23 November 2021


Hunter Imaging’s latest investment in MRI technology the Siemens MAGNETOM Sola is giving confidence to deliver the best local MRI service


Bree Sola MRI

This second MRI machine at our Cardiff branch is the latest addition to our extensive fleet of seven state of the art MRI machines, comprising of four 3T and two 1.5T systems.


This Siemens MAGNETOM Sola is the only MRI of it's kind in the Hunter and New England regions. The BioMatrix technology that is exclusive to Siemens provides unparalleled image quality using the 1.5T platform.


Our investment in this new technology will grant patients access to local MRI, that previously had to be excluded due to their medical history or presentation. Our extended range of services are embracing new 1.5T clinical capabilities with newly realised technology.

Patients On Sola

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