Our new Metford branch is a game changer for people of the Hunter

Friday, 22 April 2022

Stage 2 Oncology Treatment Centre Officially Opens in Maitland!


Tood And PET CT

Mr Todd Forbes - Hunter Imaging Chief Operations Officer


The Maitland, and lower and upper Hunter communities will now be able to receive world-class integrated cancer care closer to home, thanks to the opening today of the second stage of GenesisCare and Hunter Imaging’s oncology treatment centre in Maitland.


Hunter Imaging’s multi-million dollar investment into this new flagship diagnostic imaging centre will help patients with their cancer journey, as they will no longer need to travel into Newcastle to receive the best oncology treatment. As part of the GenesisCare integrated cancer care service, which opened its doors in February this year, the opening of the Hunter Imaging section will ensure patients have rapid access to diagnostic technologies and specialised oncology treatment, under the one roof. Patients who are referred to the centre will have access to world-class PET CT - an essential tool for diagnosing and measuring the response to cancer treatment, as well as MRI, general nuclear medicine, diagnostic CT, comprehensive diagnostic ultrasound, mammography and general X ray.


Hunter Imaging’s Chief Operating Officer, Todd Forbes, said the Maitland practise is the largest in their enterprise and a facility they are incredibly proud of. “What is unique about this centre is the co-location with GenesisCare, who will provide radiation oncology and medical oncology services on the ground floor, while Hunter Imaging will provide diagnostic imaging on the first floor. “Our integrated facility has been designed with the patient as the primary focus. Ensuring their journey is planned, efficient and comfortable is really what we set out to achieve.” Douglas Hanly Moir Pathology will soon join Genesis Care and Hunter Imaging, opening the doors to their pathology services in due course. “The holistic patient journey this integrated facility will provide is supported by a team of caring professionals who have a genuine love of what they do. They bring an admirable level of professionalism and empathy, which is equally as important when patients are facing one of the toughest stages of their lives. “We're really proud of the team, the facility we have created and are excited about the superior patient outcomes we will deliver for the community,” Mr Forbes said.