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Are Your Patients Eligible for a Medicare Rebate?

Requesting doctors must include relevant clinical indications / history for all Mammography procedures, otherwise patients are not eligible for a Medicare rebate.

For patients to be eligible for a Medicare rebate, you must include your reasons to suspect malignancy in the breasts because of;

  • the past occurrence of breast malignancy in the patient or in a member of the patient’s family (blood relative) OR
  • symptoms or indications of malignancy found on an examination of the patient by a medical practitioner.

[Additional information that is useful to include on the request form is any relevant clinical information that may affect the appearance and interpretation of the images (such as past history of breast surgery, breast reduction or augmentation) and specific information relating to the area of interest, including the side, size and location within the breast.]

If you would like further information, please call 132 336