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Hunter Imaging Telehealth

We are well set-up and prepared for the new world of telehealth and will continue to deliver a comprehensive range of imaging services through the pandemic. Our aim is to support your service in whatever way it operates or delivers ongoing care for your patients.

How to Use Telehealth

  1. Download the editable Telehealth request form provided by Hunter Imaging.

    No Signature required.

    The only information required is as follows:

    • Relevant patient information including date of birth and contact phone number
    • Examination requested and clinical history, avoiding abbreviated terminology for clarity
    • Name of person making the request
    • Provider number and name of medical practice
    • Date of request
  2. Send the referral electronically by Express Upload (photo or scan) or email referral to our Dr Direct team at
  3. Your patient will be personally phoned by us with your request in hand and we will arrange the next best available appointment and location. All Covid-19 safety questions and procedures are adhered to.
  4. The radiologist report and digital images will be delivered via your preferred nominated method.

    • Automatic downloads to your practice management software, and
    • Rays Online (Inteleviewer or Inteleconnect)


Download the Telehealth referrer guide for future reference.


How to Use Best Practice eOrders


It is secure, fast and provides a digital pathway straight from your practice management software introducing a contactless referral.

  • Ensure you have Best Practice Software Version 1.8.8 and above. Enhanced eOrdering features have been included in the Saffron SP1 released in June.
  • This feature is coming soon for other practice management software providers.
  • Do you have Fetch installed and receive radiology downloads of reports from Hunter Imaging a Sonic Healthcare Practice?
  • Are you LIVE and setup for radiology eOrders and can see a PRINT and SEND functionality at the bottom or your radiology request form?
  • If yes, great complete your request in the usual way and once sent we will receive all the information without a hard copy.

We will send a message to your patient via text or email, with a link or phone number to book their appointment. For general X-Ray, patients can simply present to the closest branch. e-Orders can help speed up the appointment process, so that your patient completes their radiology examination without delay.


What actually is eOrdering?


An eOrder (or electronic request) is the digital version of a request for pathology or diagnostic imaging services. The HL7 message is generated using your Bp Premier software, then encrypted and delivered safely and securely to your nominated addressee using a secure messaging provider.

Sending image requests from Best Practice will give you peace of mind as your patients will complete their radiology appointment as soon as possible, ensuring timely delivery of radiology results back to you and promote better patient outcomes.

The Perfect Solution for The Telehealth Environment!