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EOS Imaging

X0000 EOS EOS Imaging System

What is EOS?

EOS is a radically new imaging system, evolved from a Nobel Prize invention.

For the first time, it allows radiologists and specialists to obtain a life-size full-body image of your skeleton in 3D, in your natural standing position. The functional position you live in as opposed to the position you may be operated in.

And this is in less than 20 seconds, and with a significant reduction in radiation exposure.*

This was impossible until EOS.


*Deschens S, Charron G, Beaudoin G, Labelle H, Dubois J, Miron M, Parent S.
Diagnostic Imaging of Spinal Deformities: reducing Patients Radiation Dose With a New Slot-Scanning X-ray Imager.
Spine April 2010, 35 (9): 989.

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