A Sialogram is an x-ray examination of the salivary ducts and glands. A sialogram uses x-ray contrast to demonstrate the anatomy of the ducts and associated structures and can be used in the diagnosis and ongoing management of a number of conditions. Commonly patients present with painful glands or blocked salivary ducts. As these can be caused by a number of reasons, ask your doctor why you need a sialogram.

The Procedure

  • A member of staff will explain the examination and answer any questions that you may have.
  • You will be taken to an x-ray room where you will need to lie on a table.
  • The radiologist needs to place a small blunt tube into your salivary duct. To assist this process you may need to swallow some lemon juice and have you eyes covered by a towel to allow a bright light to be shone into your mouth.
  • A small amount of x-ray contrast is injected into your salivary duct, this flows down into your salivary glands. A number of images are taken.
  • After the procedure you will be given a glass of water to rinse mouth out.
  • The test takes about 30 minutes.
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