Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)

An MRI scan utilises magnetic forces and radio waves to take pictures of the body. It requires no radioactive sources to acquire the pictures.

Not everyone is able to have an MRI scan due to certain devices that the patient may have in their bodies from surgeries in the past. Also women who are pregnant are not able to have MRI scans in most cases. Before each scan your safety for MRI will be checked by the Staff. You will be asked to change to ensure that no metallic items enter the MRI scanner.

When in the scanning room, you will be asked to lie on the scanning table where a “camera” will be placed around the body part we are scanning. Due to the humming sound the MRI makes, you will be given hearing protection. This may be either ear plugs, or if the camera allows you may get headphones with the radio playing. An MRI scan can take from 15 minutes up to 1 and a half hours depending on your requirements and can produce up to several hundred images.

During your scan it is important that you remain completely still to ensure that the images are as clear as possible. If you have trouble lying still it may be important to discuss this with your Doctor before you come for the scan and they may be able give you something to assist this.

In some cases you may need an injection of a contrast or “dye” to help our specialists interpret your scan. This is generally given through a little needle in the arm during the scan.

MRI scans are available at 4 of Hunter Imaging Group locations and appointments can be made through our Patient Services department or by going to your closest branch. Our patient services department is also happy to assist you with any questions you may have about your required MRI scan.

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