Nuclear medicine

Hunter Imaging Group provides Nuclear Medicine facilities at our Cardiff, Maitland and Tamworth branches to allow easy access to this special imaging technology.

What is Nuclear Medicine?

Nuclear Medicine is a sub-specialty of diagnostic medical imaging involving the use of radioisotopes to diagnose and treat a broad spectrum of diseases. There are applications for Nuclear Medicine in assessing all systems of the body.

Nuclear Medicine studies use small amounts of radioactive substances known as radiopharmaceuticals, which are designed to target and image a specific area of the body. While the studies do use radiation, the dose is very low and is rapidly excreted from the body. Patients are diagnosed using Gamma Cameras, which detect the distribution and concentration of the radiopharmaceutical. Specialist Physicians in Nuclear Medicine interpret the images. Nuclear Medicine images can be combined/fused with low dose CT scan images to increase the accuracy of diagnosis – this is referred to as SPECT/CT.

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