Bone Scan

A bone scan uses a radioactive material to image the bones to assess their physiological activity. Bone scans are used to diagnose many different conditions such as:

  • Bone tumours
  • Bone infection
  • Evaluation of prostheses
  • Evaluation of reflex sympathetic dystrophy
  • Detection of fractures
  • Detection of metabolic bone diseases
  • Detection and evaluation of arthritis and degenerative disease
  • Evaluation of abnormal findings on other diagnostic images e.g. x-rays, CT and MRI

However, there are other reasons that have not been listed for which a bone scan is performed, you will need to talk to your doctor about this.

The Procedure

  • The patient is given an intravenous injection of a radioactive material.
  • Depending on the clinical reason for the scan, may require immediate imaging to assess the blood flow to the bones.
  • The patient returns to the department 2-3 hrs later for imaging. This may take up to 1 hr.
  • There are no side effects from the radioactive injection.
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