DTPA Renal Scan for Renal Artery

A DTPA Renal Scan for Renal Artery determines if there is any narrowing of the renal arteries and determines kidney function.  This test can be performed to determine whether narrowing of the renal arteries is the underlying cause of uncontrollable hypertension (increased blood pressure). It can also be used to assess the relative function and blood flow to the kidneys. However, there are many reasons why the scan is performed and you will need to talk to your doctor about this.

The Procedure

  • The patient’s baseline blood pressure is taken and then captopril is administered orally. It is a drug used to lower blood pressure. Over the next hour the patient’s blood pressure is taken multiple times.
  • An intravenous injection of a radioactive material is given while the patient lies on an imaging bed, scanning begins immediately and images of the kidneys are obtained for 30 mins.
  • The patient is required to return to the department a few days later for a repeat baseline scan without the captopril drug.


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