Ultrasound for Arm Arteries

An Arm Arteries Ultrasound is an examination using ultrasound waves to assess the arteries in the arm. In particular looking for plaques on the wall of the arteries.

If your doctor orders this test you have most likely had some symptoms affecting your arms and/or hands which could be related blood flow. Your doctor has sent you for this examination so as to evaluate to what extent, if any, your blood flow is affected. For more information please see our patient information brochure for this examination.

As there are a range of reasons why you are having this test, it is best discussed with your doctor.

The Procedure

  • You will be taken to a private room. A staff member will explain the procedure and answer any questions you may have.
  • You will be asked to remove outer clothing from your upper body to expose your arm and neck.
  • The examination is done in two parts – Artery Pressures Study and Colour Duplex ultrasound.
  • Gel is placed on the area of interest so that flow waveforms can pass through to the relevant vessels. This is done in several areas on your arms.
  • Blood pressure readings are taken at various points from the neck to the wrist.
  • Your arms will be raised above your head and the arteries evaluated for abnormalities.
  • You will then lie down on the examination table to have the colour duplex ultrasound. Gel will be placed on the skin so that the sound waves can pass through to the relevant vessels. This will be from the base of the neck to both wrists.
  • The Artery Pressure Study takes approximately 30 minutes, the Colour Duplex ultrasound takes approximately 30 minutes.
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