X-ray examinations are a quick, painless test which can provide valuable information about your health and play an important role in helping your doctor make an accurate diagnosis. The technician may ask you to stay standing or lie on a bed and move into certain positions. Some types of x-rays include breathing instructions, which the technician will tell you all about before the exam. It is important to keep still during your x-ray so that the images are not blurry.

It is important to let the technician know if there is any chance you could be pregnant before your images are taken, as x-rays can be harmful to unborn babies. Even though x-rays use radiation, the dose level is quite minimal. We are exposed to radiation from natural sources all the time. A chest x-ray has the same amount of radiation as 10 days’ worth of natural radiation absorption.

After your exam one of our specialist doctors will review your images and send a report directly to your doctor providing details of the findings.

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